Women+ at the Writing Center

Women+ at the Writing Center
A new initiative for women, genderqueer and nonbinary students

The Writing Center is excited to announce a new initiative in Spring 2019: Women+ at the Writing Center. These initiatives are intended for women, genderqueer and nonbinary undergraduate and graduate students. All majors welcome!

The Dilemma Reflections

  •       Weekly lunch-hour discussion and writing prompts
  •       Bring your messy questions, true stories and brave ideas!

Invisibility with Rani Srinivasan
Monday, March 11th, 12:15-1:30PM [Kiely 244]
What about those classes where all the texts on the syllabus are written by men, or all the main characters are white and straight? How to bring this up to your professor? How to build our own canon of texts where we see ourselves and our families represented?

Outside Pressures with Nadia Misir
Monday, March 18th, 12:15-1:30PM [Kiely 244]
Sometimes the people we’re close with exert intentional or unintentional pressure that impacts our writing and academic progress. Maybe we have kids that distract us from our writing, or maybe a boyfriend who makes fun of us for our feminist ideas, or a spouse that’s not supportive of the topics we want to write about. This roundtable is an opportunity to tell those stories and consider possible responses to these situations.

Gender Pronouns & Writing with Zeli Miceli
Monday, March 25th, 12:15-1:30PM [Kiely 244]
In response to limiting and oppressive gender binaries, many are choosing to use the pronouns they and them. How to use this in writing and distinguish from the traditional use of they to indicate more than one person? What other variations do you like and use? How to handle this in classroom contexts where others are unfamiliar or even hostile?

Trigger Topics with Rani Srinivasan
Monday, April 1st, 12:15-1:30PM [Kiely 244]
How can we participate in class discussions about texts that include scenes of sexual violence or abuse in an academic way, when we also experience the topic as personal, emotional, and potentially triggering?

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Mini Writing Retreats

  •       Read/write/think in a quiet space
  •       Get feedback from a tutor on your writing project
  •       Child-friendly space*
  •       BYOSnacks, coffee & tea provided

Friday, March 1st, 8am-11am
Friday, March 8th, 8am-11am
Sunday March 17th, 2-5pm
Friday, March 22nd, 8am-11am
Sunday March 31st, 2-5pm

Where: The Writing Center, Kiely 229

Sign up HERE! 

Join a Women+ Writing Group

  •       Give/receive feedback on an every-other week basis in a small group
  •       Bring your texts on topics that you’d like to share with other women
  •       Help create a safe and supportive writing community!

When/Where: TBD

Sign up HERE!

Women+ initiatives are intended for women, genderqueer and nonbinary undergraduate and graduate students. All majors welcome!

Events are free and open to the Queens College community. For more information and to register for these events, please visit our our website. You can also email our coordinator directly with questions, or stop by the Writing Center, Kiely 229.

*The Writing Center is a child-friendly space. Please let us know when you register if you plan to bring your kids.



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