what is a writing consultant

What is a Writing Consultant?


Writing consultants differ from writing tutors in a few unique ways.
Tutors primarily focus on helping writers on particular writing assignments or tasks. The tutor-tutee relationship is often a one-directional relationship where the tutor dictates suggestions, ideas, corrections, and advice to a tutee.
The primary focus of a writing consultant is to work with students on strategies and approaches to writing so that students can become more confident and independent writers. In the writing consultant-student relationship, the writing consultant works alongside students. (Think of our writing consultants as guides—as an experienced guide who will walk alongside you in the process of writing.)
Our writing consultants emphasize the exploratory, communicative, and collaborative aspects of the writing process. They do not dictate what is right or wrong, nor do they tell you how to think. Instead, our writing consultants are here for students to work with, to bounce ideas off of, and to work together towards drafting better pieces of writing.

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