Some suggestions for a successful session:


  • Come to us with a clear goal. 

    • Make sure you are able to say something like this: I need to write a response paper, a research paper, an annotated bibliography, a creative writing assignment. Or something to that effect.
    • Be as specific as possible about what you need and what you would like from us.


  • Come to us with some work.

    • You don’t need a complete draft. But the more you come to the writing center with, the more you will get out of a session with one of our writing consultants.  If there’s something you can bring to your tutoring session, it’ll help us help you better. Bring a draft, an outline, some notes, something.


  • We do not “fix” papers. 

    • We are here to work with you on your writing. We will offer suggestions and discuss strategies. We will provide guidance and try our very best to put you on the right path. However, you must understand that our goal is to challenge you to put together the best draft of writing you are capable of. We are not “teachers” of grammar nor are we going to edit your papers line-by-line.


  • Understand the limits of what can (and cannot) be accomplished in 50 minutes.

    • Writing consultations are intense person-to-person exchanges. Our writing consultants will give you their utmost attention. But understand that our carefully trained tutors are not machines!
    • You might need to schedule another appointment to accomplish your goals.
    • Do not wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment with a writing consultant.

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