For the Spring 2018 semester, we offer five different writing consultation services:

  • Single appointments – The most effective way to see a writing consultant is to schedule an appointment with us. Call us at 718-997-5676 or stop by and see us in Kiely 229. Please note: scheduled appointments are guaranteed for 5 minutes. (That is, we will hold it for you for a period of 5 minutes.) Due to the high volume of students who come to the writing center, if you do not arrive for your scheduled appointment within 5 minutes, your appointment may be given to a student looking to see a walk-in writing consultant. If you are running late, call us.NOTE: Students who consistently schedule appointments and who fail to show up and/or notify us about missing appointments will possibly lose the opportunity to make future scheduled writing center appointments.


  • Walk-in appointments – Stop by and see us in Kiely 229 and see if there is a writing consultant available to see you. Often, students will make appointments in advance and cancel them a day before their appointments. Sometimes, students will cancel their appointments a few hours, or even minutes, before their scheduled appointments. Walk-in appointments operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For the Spring 2018 semester, we will have one dedicated walk-in writing consultant available:

Monday & Wednesday 10 AM–12 PM and 3 PM–5 PM

Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM–2 PM and 3 PM–5 PM

  • Weekly appointments – For students who are interested in continuous access to a writing consultant, we offer weekly appointments with a writing consultant for a maximum of ten appointments, renewable after 5 successful appointments. Students are required to fill out an application, take an intake and outtake writing diagnostic, and sign a contract detailing their commitment to honor the weekly appointment contract. Failure to meet your contractual obligations will result in your weekly appointment being given to a student on our waiting list. Understand that when you are assigned a weekly appointment, both the Writing Center and the College are investing in your future success. This is why we take the weekly appointment seriously. Only students who feel they can make a ten-week long commitment should apply.


  • E-tutoring appointments – For those students who are used to online comments (or track changes) students can submit a paper to be read by a carefully trained writing consultant. However, please note that writing consultants will not go line-by-line correcting grammar and/or rewriting sentences for you. Instead, a writing consultant will provide commentary and feedback, make suggestions for improvement, and/or highlight text that requires special attention.


  • NEW: synchronous chat writing appointments — using Google Documents, you will share a document with a writing consultant and both you and the writing consultant will work together on the document (utilizing the chat and comment features available on Google Documents).

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