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How do I set up a real-time chat tutoring appointment?

If you're interested in making a real-time chat tutoring appointment, follow these instructions.  If you have not claimed your CAMS account, do so here. Also, all Queens College students have access the Google Education Suite. If you have any questions about accessing your Google account, click here for more information. Please understand, we can only honor a real-time chat tutoring appointment if you use your Google Education Suite account. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot take real-time chat tutoring appointments with your personal Google account information. If you are having trouble access your Google Education Suite account, click here for more information. Often, the biggest challenge in accessing your Google Education Suite account is because you are already logged-into Google with your personal account. Try switching to a different browser.

Make sure to select chat tutoring and to include your correct email address

When making your appointment, select chat tutoring from your list of options. Also, make sure you make two half-hour appointments as we will need one hour to manage any technological glitches that occur our end or on your end. In the notes box, make sure you list your correct QC Google Education Suite account information. This will be your CAMS user name, followed by (This is not your email address but it is how you access your QC Google Education Suite account.) Sometimes, your QC email will work. However, sometimes it won't. To be on the safe side, input both email addresses so we know how to contact you when your chat session begins. Make sure to select SAVE when you are done.

Main Menu

Return  back to the main menu by selecting the button "Main Menu." On this screen, you will see a box titled "Upcoming Appointments." In this box, your upcoming chat tutoring appointment should be listed. Click on your appointment to attach your file.

The scheduler screen

You're almost done! Now, select the tab labeled "DOCUMENT." Upload your document and select save.

When it's time for your appointment, a writing consultant will share your document with you and your chat tutoring appointment will begin.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


  • You can make a total of three, half-hour appointments a week. Please adhere to this rule. It is not only in your best interest, but in the best interest of the college and the student body. (There are over 19,000 students at Queens College.)


  • We cannot use your personal Gmail email address for real-time tutoring appointments. We will not make exceptions.


  • If you cannot make your appointment, make sure to cancel your appointment online or via the phone (718-997-5676). If you do not cancel your appointments, and if you miss more than three appointments in a semester, the system will automatically block you from making appointments. In which case you will need to visit the Writing Center in order to have your scheduling rights reinstated.


  • Our schedule is broken down in half-hour increments. This is being done in order to accommodate as many students as possible. And, to accommodate students who need to work on specific writing tasks. (For example, if you want to have your thesis statement reviewed, a half-hour appointment is perfect for you.) However, if you want to work on something more involved, sign up for two back-to-back appointments with the same writing consultant. This way you will receive an hour of tutoring.


  • Please be respectful of our staff. Our writing consultants are dedicated tutors of writing. However, please understand that they are students like you. And likewise, tutoring is a person-to-person endeavor: work with us and we will work for you.


  • We reserve the right to adjust the schedule accordingly. In the event of misuse or any other abuse of our services (or mistreatment of our writing consultants), we reserve the right to modify the schedule. This might involve switching your appointment with another consultant or the cancellation of your appointment. In the event that a writing consultant cannot make their appointment, we will try our best to accommodate your appointment. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, we might need to reschedule you for another day.


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