Mission Statement

Writing is a process. As we grow more familiar and more adept at writing, the challenges we face in our writing grow as well. The Queens College Writing Center is here to support all Queens College undergraduate and graduate students in the process of growing as writers. Our Writing Consultants are trained to offer support, guidance, and personal attention throughout all aspects of the writing process, such as:

  • making sense of an assignment and interpreting guidelines and rubrics;
  • brainstorming and developing topics;
  • crafting effective thesis statements;
  • outlining essays and research papers;
  • organizing and developing essays;
  • citing sources;
  • and finally, and perhaps most important of all, working on incorporating academic written English into students’ own writing using students’ unique voices.

In other words, we’re here to help you develop your best voice! 

It is important to understand that even the most accomplished writers may experience challenges when writing about complex or unfamiliar subjects. The Writing Center is here to provide guidance that is professional, confidential, and meant to help students develop the skills necessary to tackle more complex writing assignments.

The Writing Center and our consultants are not here to “fix” or “correct” essays. Nor will we edit or proofread essays. Instead, we help students learn how to do these things for themselves. Our goal is to help students develop into confident, critical, and independent writers. Students should see the work that we do together in the Writing Center as building on the work they do in their classes.

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