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How to use our scheduler

In the past, students made appointments with a tutor by calling or by visiting the Writing Center. As you can imagine, doing so can take a lot of time and is dependent on someone being at the Writing Center to receive you or to take your call. In order to make this process more efficient for you, we have decided to allow students to schedule themselves. Eventually, this will be a better format of scheduling for both students and for the Center. However, using our scheduler involves a few steps...Please be aware, you can only use the scheduler if you have a Queens College CAMS account. If you have not claimed your CAMS account, do so here. To begin, go to our website Also, if you have used the WRiting Center's t-Tutoring option in the past, please be advised that this service has been renamed "Written Comments." If you are interested in Written Comments, click here for additional directions.  

Use your CAMS username and password

Here, you will see the scheduler log-in portal. To access the scheduler, input your Queens College CAMS account name and your CAMS password. (Make sure that you see the URL "" before inputting your information.)

The first step

On the first screen, you will see a window with a lot of text. (This scheduler, TutorTrac, is shared between a number of offices here at Queens College.) You can read the text there if you'd like. However, to begin the process of scheduling an appointment with a writing consultant, or to RSVP for a writing workshop or a small group tutoring appointment, click on the button to your left labeled, "Search Availability."

The scheduler screen

The following page in the scheduler is the most important page in the scheduler.
  1. Make sure to select Writing Center from the available Centers. (You can make an appointment to see an Academic Advisor from this page as well.)
  2. Set your search criteria. Are you only looking for an appointment on Mondays? Or or Tuesdays? In the mornings or the afternoons? You can also leave it set to the default setting which shows you the entire week of appointments available.
    • Light blue appointments represent drop-in hours--hours when you can come to the Center and, hopefully, see a writing consultant dedicated to students who "drop in."
    • Green appointments represent 1-on-1 appointments--individual appointments between you and a writing consultant. You should select a half-hour appointment if you believe you have a quick question and/or if you have one or two specific questions you want to run by a writing consultant. However, if you have a longer  paper and are looking for more in-depth feedback and support, we suggest you book 2 consecutive 1-on-1 appointments.
    • Yellow appointments are used in order to RSVP for workshops or small group tutoring with a faculty workshop leader. Please refer to our Workshop schedule for dates and times of our workshops.
  4. There is a writing consultant, Marco N., who has two 1-on-1 appointment openings, one 11AM-12:00PM drop in appointment, and one 12:00PM-1:00PM Writing Workshop.
  5. Click on the time you would like to see Marco N. I am going to select the 10:00AM-10:30AM appointment.

The final step!

You're almost done!

1. I've selected Marco N. to be my writing consultant.

2. My appointment is from 10:00AM to 10:30AM.

3. Make sure to select the corresponding REASON for your appointment. For example, I am making a 1-on-1 appointment, so I am going to select 1-on-1 as my reason. ***Please note, these reasons are only seen on the back end of our scheduler and will not make a 1-on-1 appointment a group appointment and vice-versa. Pay attention to the colors on the previous screen.***

4. If everything is correct, click the SAVE button and the appointment is yours.


What if I want to cancel my appointment?

If you want to cancel your appointment, please do so online or by calling us at 718-997-5676


  • You can make a total of three, half-hour appointments a week. Please adhere to this rule. It is not only in your best interest, but in the best interest of the college and the student body. (There are over 19,000 students at Queens College.)
  • If you cannot make your appointment, make sure to cancel your appointment online or via the phone (718-997-5676). If you do not cancel your appointments, and if you miss more than three appointments in a semester, the system will automatically block you from making appointments. In which case you will need to visit the Writing Center in order to have your scheduling rights reinstated.
  • Our schedule is broken down in half-hour increments. This is being done in order to accommodate as many students as possible. And, to accommodate students who need to work on specific writing tasks. (For example, if you want to have your thesis statement reviewed, a half-hour appointment is perfect for you.) However, if you want to work on something more involved, sign up for two back-to-back appointments with the same writing consultant. This way you will receive an hour of tutoring.
  • Please be respectful of our staff. Our writing consultants are dedicated tutors of writing. However, please understand that they are students like you. And likewise, tutoring is a person-to-person endeavor: work with us and we will work for you.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the schedule accordingly. In the event of misuse or any other abuse of our services (or mistreatment of our writing consultants), we reserve the right to modify the schedule. This might involve switching your appointment with another consultant or the cancellation of your appointment. In the event that a writing consultant cannot make their appointment, we will try our best to accommodate your appointment. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, we might need to reschedule you for another day.

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