Simply stated, the Writing Center’s mission is to help students grow and mature as writers by helping them build on their strengths and overcome whatever difficulties they may have with writing.  That is, our goal is to make better writers, not better essays.  Specific essays will improve, but only because their writers are sharpening their abilities. In other words, the Writing Center is not an essay repair shop.  Tutors will not edit or proofread essays; instead, they will help writers learn how to do these things for themselves.  Nor will tutors tell writers what to think, what to write, or give them ideas.  In this way, as much as possible, we work with students in a nondirective fashion through individual sessions in which writers work one-on-one with undergraduate or graduate writing tutors. All writers have problems; even accomplished writers may experience difficulties with writing when they try to write about complex and unfamiliar subjects, when they attempt new writing tasks, when conditions undermine their ability to write, or when problems distract them.  At such times, they will seek out feedback from other writers.  Student writers face similar obstacles, and they deserve (and get) our attention and respect when they attempt to address them. The help we provide seeks to promote independence. The guidance we provide in tutorial sessions is professional, confidential, as already stated, nondirective. The tutoring sessions belong to the students, and that is why they have access to the records we keep of their work with us and why we do not notify teachers of their students' visits if students ask us not to. 

To assist QC students with their writing, the Writing Center offers a number of different services:

A. "Standing" Appointments:

Students needing ongoing help with their writing can apply for a weekly 50-minute appointment during the Center's hours of operation:

Monday--Thursday: 10:00 am-2:00 pm & 3:00 pm-8:00 pm             

Friday: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

The aspects of writing to be covered will be decided by the student and the tutor or by instructor recommendation. This personalized work aims to correct specific writing problems and reinforce writing strengths.  Your appointment will continue for the entire semester so long as you attend each session.

In-person tutoring begins 9/8/17.

B. "Drop-In" Appointments:

Students wanting an occasional appointment during the semester can schedule a "Drop-In" appointment by reserving one of the drop-in hours available each day, either by calling or stopping by the Center.

C. "Walk-In" Appointments:

Students can also try to get a "Walk-In" appointment by coming to the Center at the beginning of each hour of operation. If the student who has an appointment is more than 5 minutes late, a waiting student can then have that appointment.

This semester, the Center will have a tutor assigned to service walk-in students Monday-Thursday from 10am-12pm on a first-come, first-served basis. All other times, a walk-in student is helped based on tutor availability.

D. Online Tutoring: A student can get feedback by submitting essays online.  For more information, click on “E-Tutoring” at our website.

Online tutoring begins 9/11/17.

E. Video Chat Tutoring: for students who cannot come in person to the Center, video tutoring by appointment will be available Monday-Thursday from 3-5 pm beginning 9/12/17.

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